What makes Crystal Meth a Racehorse among other Drugs?

Crystal meth has been the racehorse among drugs. It has been quick to react to the body. It has long-lasting and highly stimulating effects. However, the side effects are also long-lasting and immediate. Such drug abuse tends to enhance your attention, physical activity, and wakefulness and reduces fatigue and appetite. You would have an intense and brief sensation or rush along with long-lasting euphoria or high effects.

The initial high would be highly intense. The secondary high effects would be chasers that might not be close enough to the same expectations.

Understanding Crystal Meth And The Intensity Of Its Rush

Crystal meth has been the most powerful form of drug available on the market. The drug tends to excite the brain along with the nervous system by releasing dopamine into the body. Most of the time, it has been made in dirty and small labs. You could smoke, snort, or inject the drug into your body. This crystal form is popularly called ice. It has been the cheapest form that makes it extremely alluring to the users.

However, the dealers would often cut crystal with harmful fillers like battery acid, Epsom salts, lantern fuel, drain cleaner, and antifreeze without the victims knowing about it. They would often provide a filler ratio of 3:1 to the drug.

Such a blend would act as a powerful sympathomimetic and psychostimulant drug. When consumed, the drug would enter the brain and trigger a flow of serotonin, dopamine, and norepinephrine. It would cause excitement and euphoria due to the promptness of the mesolimbic reward pathway.

A Dangerous Form of Drug Abuse

The hot railing is an immensely dangerous trend where the pipe would be burned using a torch flame and inserted into the nose, while the addict would snort the meth and exhale it as smoke. You could detect burn marks around the nose and the mouth indicating any kind of drug usage where the drug has been burned or a glass pipe is used for its consumption.

It takes around seven to ten minutes to get high. The drug has been heated in a glass stem until red-hot and inhaled through the nose. However, it could irritate the nasal passage or lung irritation. The stem could transmit Hep C or HIV upon contamination.

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