October 2022


7 Surprising Items That Are Toxic To Your Skin

People go to great lengths to keep their skin looking young. They’ll invest in expensive products, follow involved routines, and eat special diets to maintain a youthful appearance. However, what they may not know is that there are ingredients and chemicals hiding in some commonly used items that can be toxic to skin. When you’re exposed to these, you may experience irritation and damage on a cellular level that can age you prematurely. Even if you’re not overly concerned with how you look, the harm these can do could hurt your self-esteem and lead to other types of health issues.

For example, common cosmetics might feature waxes or oils that can clog your pores. This means they may cause unsightly breakouts — but they also potentially can cause skin poisoning. Another example is antibacterial soap, which contains a known irritant called triclosan. Not only can this make you feel dry and itchy, but it also contributes to bacteria becoming resistant to antibiotics.

In countless cases, items that are supposed to protect our skin from damage may have the opposite effect. For instance, sunscreens often contain benzophenone, a chemical that has been found to have a damaging effect on human cells.

Maintaining a healthy glow often can be just as much about what you shouldn’t do as what you should. In addition to staying hydrated and getting plenty of rest, it’s important to know what’s in the household products to which you’re exposed every day and what they can do to you.

The accompanying guide details surprising items that can be toxic to your skin. Research these products, and you may be able to do a better job of preserving your appearance.

Guide created by Lapiel Laser Center

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